Ethics, Conflicts & Lobbying

We assist local, state, and federal officeholders and employees in understanding and complying with the complex laws governing conflicts of interest, including gift and honoraria restrictions and revolving door laws.

We also assist in preparing financial disclosure statements and advise parties who do business with public agencies in how to operate within the requirements of those laws and regulations.

In addition, we advise lobbyists, lobbyist employers, and lobbying firms on the complex rules, restrictions, and reporting requirements of federal, state, and local lobbying laws, and assist our lobbyist clients in scheduled audits by administrative agencies.

In order to help our clients properly address these issues before they arise, we develop and present seminars on the subjects of ethics and conflicts of interest for local and state officials.  We have conducted ethics training for the State Legislature, the Governor's staff, counties, and state agencies. Specifically, we have provided extensive state mandated ethics training (AB 1234) to AC Transit, Yolo County and Alameda First 5.

Jerome de Joya