Campaign Finance

As distinctions between regulated and unregulated activity become more blurred and the overlap between federal, state, and local regulation increases, campaign finance has become more complex.

We cut through this confusion to provide clients with sound advice regarding the legal implications of various political activities. We also represent clients in litigation before state and federal courts and assist clients with audit and enforcement matters before the Federal Election Commission, California Fair Political Practices Commission, and other campaign finance regulatory agencies.

We also have helped many local jurisdictions update their campaign finance ordinances to accommodate changes in constitutional caselaw.  

We are available to provide assistance to candidates, corporations, party committees, unions, nonprofits and others in the following areas:

  • State and local campaign activity involving candidates, political parties, ballot measure committees, independent expenditure committees, and major donors.
  • Federal campaign activity, including independent expenditures, electioneering communications and the formation of candidate committees, leadership PACs, and other political action committees.
  • Issue advocacy and public sector involvement in ballot measure elections.

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