About Us


Remcho Johansen & Purcell LLP

One of California’s leading governmental and constitutional law firms, specializing in political, election, ethics, constitutional, and public policy law.  We advise government agencies, nonprofits, ballot measure committees, lobbyists, candidates, public officials, corporations, and political action committees about participating in elections and government decision-making at the federal, state, and local levels.

Our Mission

RJP’s mission is to provide first-rate legal services that exceed the quality of services offered by the largest, most prestigious law firms on matters of public interest, and to provide such services at a lower cost.  For over thirty years RJP has earned a reputation for providing excellent legal services, from high profile constitutional litigation and ballot measure drafting to technical, campaign and lobbying advice.  Our goal is to ensure that we meet our clients’ needs, including by providing them with practical advice and creative solutions to their challenges.  We have a problem-solving approach, and we place a high value on responsiveness to ensure our commitment to our clients is met.